Online & Offline Software Development

Online and Offline Software development follows in various fields some of the examples are as follows:-

Education Management

Education is complete end-to-end education management software. Here you can maintain education data for sessions to session and together reports are available for data analysis and decision-making. It has a modular approach & is an integrated system with many key features. This approach of Integrated Management system avoids duplication and complication of work and results in time and cost savings. Modules like Account, Admission, Student Info, Fees, Examination, Payroll, Transport, Hostel, Library,Inventory Etc…are available. When support is concerned, iEducation is supported by a nationwide dealer network. The dealers are thoroughly trained by V.M. Techno-soft with the application for efficient after sales services. V.M. Techno-soft also provides a help desk that is just a phone call or an Email away.

We will help your school implement an effective online strategy that will raise its profile, improve communication and stand out from the crowd. At the same time saving you money by using the latest technology.

At Education Website we do much more than build great looking websites for Academies. We combine our years of experience working in education, our in-depth understanding of the web and our commitment to quality design to help Academies make the most of their online presence. Think of us, if you like, as the very first full service digital marketing agency for the education sector.

Hotel / Restaurant Management

This Management System is developed to fulfill the requirement of Bill Generation of the hotel/ restaurant, Menu Card & according to Date & Bill no. we can see Sales Report. The main objective of this package is to maintain Hotel/Restaurant Management System specially the part and help the manager with various types of reports like Bill Details of particular Bill no. & Date, Updating Item Name & Price.